Top 5 Upgrades To Improve Your Home's Value

Wednesday Jul 24th, 2019



Neutral colours make for a good palette as buyers can easily imagine their belongings in the space. You never want a purchaser to remember your house based on the paint colours. The light colours add freshness and style. If your home already does have neutral colours, then painting the trim, windows and moulding with a gloss finish is a very low cost renovation that will produce a dramatic change.
Replacing lighting in your home can be a small investment, and can make a big impact. Give your room a stunning new look by installing pot lights. Ensure that the home is as light as possible, and if possible, upgrade the light fixtures. Home Depot, Ikea, and other major stores will sell very appealing light fixtures for under $200. 
Kitchens are the most important room in relating to home valuation. It makes a significant difference in the value of your home. As such, it's critical that you invest in having a desirable, fresh and modern kitchen. Modern cabinetry, a backsplash and stainless steel appliances will significantly increase the value of your home. 
Flooring is a very important aspect of your house. You'll see an immediate rise in valuation with the installation of hardwood floors. The return on investment on updated flooring will depend on the houses current condition, and your house's price range. When I am showing houses to purchasers, and they see carpet... very often they will calculate the cost of replacing the carpet with hardwood. Having carpet in your home will decrease the value of your home, and will eliminate prospective buyers who are looking for move-in ready homes.
Landscaping Your Yard
The outside of your home is going to be a potential buyer's first impression when they show up. An overgrown or patchy yard can really be a turn off. Hire a professional... or, roll up your sleeves and remove anything dead and ensure anything that's overgrown is cut back. For colour, you can purchase some bright flowers at a local garden shop or large grocery store... and then plant them around the house or near the front door.

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