Don't Wait! If You're Thinking of Selling, Do It Now

Sunday Jan 07th, 2018


If you’re thinking of waiting to sell your home in the spring instead of listing now, you need to see these four reasons why selling now could actually be a better option.

Today I want to share with you four advantages of selling now versus waiting until the new year.

1. There will be less competition on the market. Comparing December and November of 2016, December had half as many homes listed on the market as November, which indicates that many sellers in November likely took their homes off the market. This is a great chance for you to capitalize on the market. Less competition means that your home will stand out more, which will help it sell faster and for more money.

2. You can capture relocation buyers. A lot of people are moving to Toronto for jobs in the new year, which means they’re looking for homes now.


3. You’re attracting very serious buyers. When you think about it, if anyone is looking for homes over the long weekends we often get during the holiday season, there’s likely a strong motivating factor behind why they’re looking to buy.

4. Buyers finally have time off in their schedule. The holidays can be demanding for both your work and day-to-day schedules, but a lot of people are also given more time off during this season, which frees up their time to look for homes. In a similar vein, you the seller can be more restrictive about when you want to schedule showings. Buyers tend to be more understanding this time of year.

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