A Guide to Selling Your Home in the Fall

Sunday Jan 07th, 2018


Take advantage of the changing season to bring out the best in your home and get it sold while other buyers take their homes off the market. Today, we’re talking about selling your property in the fall.

Usually, we notice that many sellers take their property off the market in the fall and relist it in the spring. This is something that you as a seller can capitalize on. You won’t have as many showings on your home, but the buyers will be more qualified. These buyers will have a reason to move—it could be a job transfer or some other financial purpose.

Regarding showing a home, people ask me what is the best way to show their home in the fall. There are two aspects to this: the interior and the exterior.

On the exterior, pay close attention to curb appeal. Rake away fallen leaves to keep the yard looking neat. Don’t overdo holiday decorations. 

During the fall months, the weather tends to get cooler, so when it comes to the interior, try to have a nice, inviting feel to your home. Turn on lamps and take advantage of colors—place colored pillows on chairs, sofas, etc.

Also be sure to take advantage of seasonal scents like cinnamon, pumpkin, and vanilla.These can help create a powerful connection with the buyer. If you have a fireplace, make it look neat and tidy even if you don’t use it. You can replace the glass, restock the wood, and if the paint is peeling you can repaint it. Doing this can help create a lasting impression with the buyer.

If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to call me. I’ll be glad to help.

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